DCore Systems Services

  • Multimedia

    DCore Systems provides robust multimedia services, with advanced content delivery for a smooth and rich viewer experience. The expansion of live streaming to all sectors of business is inevitable as this technology is becoming more commonplace across a wide range of industries, including video surveillance, video-on-demand (VOD) and live video broadcasting. Designed for flexibility and performance, our end-to-end streaming solution offers a scalable and secure way to ensure delivery of the highest quality video and playback experience across mobile, desktop and digital TV.

  • Digital Marketing

    Our digital marketing and chatbot solution allows businesses to extend a cohesive customer experience across new chat-based distribution channels. Powered by the latest AI capabilities and conversational commerce methodologies, our platform enables businesses to interact with traditionally hard-to-reach audiences via a simple and intuitive interface. This solution enables businesses to easily scale campaigns and target multiple audiences simultaneously as well as to better understand the needs of their customers and provide superior customer support.

  • eCommerce

    DCore Systems offers a powerful e-commerce suite that includes cloud computing and big data services for building and maintaining an eCommerce business of any size. Our advanced solution allows users to quickly build their own e-commerce platform, reduce operational & management costs, cope with high business concurrency and strengthen their layered security protection. Along with DCore Systems’ big data capabilities, our customers can quickly develop applications, process massive data sets and extract actionable insights for critical business decisions.

  • Enterprise Apps

    DCore Systems is certified for Connectik Business Applications and used by Connectik customers around the globe as the infrastructure for digitising their operations and businesses. DCore Systems and Connectik have partnered to provide integrated technical solutions, with robust support and high serviceability. Our clients benefit from DCore Systems' reliable and flexible cloud computing infrastructure and database solutions, along with Connectik's cutting-edge enterprise platform and business application solutions.