DCore Systems Products

DCore Systems offers an array of cutting-edge products, from full-featured customised services to storage infrastructure services to collaboration platforms. Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive variety of technology features that allow businesses to build and
sustain high-level digital services.

Elastic Computing

Our Elastic Computing (EC) offerings enable our clients to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction in order to attain control over their computing resources and assure a proven computing environment. DCore Systems EC helps drastically reduce the time needed to obtain and boot new server instances which allows rapid scaling capacity (both up and down) if computing requirements change. With DCore Systems EC, our clients can easily add compute power as well as load balancing and advanced network capabilities to their services.

Storage & CDN

DCore Systems’ storage and content delivery network solutions enable our clients to efficiently and securely store, backup and deliver unlimited amounts of data to end-users. Our clients have access to the same highly scalable and reliable infrastructure that we are using to run our own services. With more than 1000 nodes across the world, DCore Systems helps our clients reduce website response time, ensure smooth content streaming and handle large volumes of traffic.

Provisioning & Networking

Our provisioning and networking offering helps build a stable and safe network for your services by providing on-demand, real-time compute resource provisioning and SLA enforcement. The service monitors infrastructure and application health as well as predefined SLA metrics. If considered necessary, the service will initiate infrastructure re-provisioning in order to increase or decrease the compute pool according to the demand.


DCore Systems Security protects our clients’ data, services and servers from malicious attacks by performing extensive vulnerability scans and malware protection to ensure safety. We offer a comprehensive solution for risk management that provides end-to-end protection throughout the entire service lifecycle,from design and development to testing and release.


DCore Systems Management is a flexible monitoring solution that offers in-depth insights into a company’s cloud deployments. We provide advanced analytics on a variety of critical metrics including CPU utilisation, latency, etc., as well as let our clients customise metrics according to the requirements of their business.

Analytics & Big Data

DCore Systems offers powerful analytics tools that enable monitoring, extraction and indexing of structured and non-structured data. The Analytics & Big Data solution allows our clients to use a data visualisation tool and dive into analytics, with data warehousing, business intelligence, batch processing, stream processing, machine learning and more.

Multi-Cloud Interface

DCore Systems allows interfacing with different cloud providers, starting compute resources and using storage resources on our private/public infrastructure or third-party cloud infrastructures. We break vendor lock-in while supporting extended flexibility, scalability, reliability and pricing.

Media Services

DCore Systems’ professional video and audio solution is a powerful suite of cloud-based services for creating, implementing and delivering digital media content. Our clients can build a more cost-effective platform using unlimited storage, elastically scalable computing and our extensive network capabilities.