High-Level Services

DCORE Systems provides an end-to-end software-as-a-service (SAAS), as well as platform level (PAAS) solutions for the banking industry which range from storage, information security- in transit, and at rest, data reliability, auditing and federation services that help secure the backbone of your infrastructure across all types of banking devices, terminals and customer end points.
Secure Storage

Enables clients to store and retrieve almost any amount of data, at any time, from any device, in a secure, encrypted manner. Secure Storage provides developer’s access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, and low-cost infrastructure that DCORE Systems uses to run all of its services.


Ensures data redundancy and availability with automated backup schemes ranging from basic schedule backup to cluster level databases with high availability. DCORE Systems facilitates compliance with disaster recovery requirements.


Provides on-demand, near real-time, computer-resource provisioning and SLA enforcement, infrastructure and service health monitors, as well as predefined SLA metrics. Can trigger infrastructure re-provisioning, to either increase or decrease the computer pool, in accordance with the current level of demand.


Multi-Cloud interfaces with various types of cloud providers, allowing activation of on-site computing resources, utilization of external storage resources, such as DCORE Systems’s private/public infrastructure, as well as other 3rd party cloud infrastructures. The goal is to support extended flexibility, scalability, reliability and cost efficiency, while avoiding vendor data lock.


Built-in, robust authentication schemes, combined with strict permission-management modules guarantee the highest levels of privacy and security in regards to access of all personal and all financial data.

Secure collaboration modules

Extends security to the world of social collaboration, including chat, email, groups, posts and more, all within a protected and private environment, which can be audited by the organizational administrator.


Highly distributed architecture that was built from the ground up, to ensure the highest level of availability, redundancy, and security for any internal information.

Data Analytics

DCORE Systems’s Big Data analytics platform provides advanced, Internet information collection functionality. It enables the monitoring and extraction of structured or unstructured information from a large number of sites, cataloging and indexing data. It also stores data for analysis and visualization at a later time.

IoT and Integrations

DCORE Systems’s open platform enables integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), and hardware modules for the development of next generation applications.

API and SDK access

Enables developers to easily integrate the PAAS module with their Web and Mobile apps using a robust set of RESTful APIs and Mobile SDKs.