Our Pricing

We offer flexible purchasing models for all DCore Systems’ products and services

Purchasing Models

Our products and services are provided with different purchasing models to allow flexibility and cost optimisation for all use cases.


Allow your customer to:

  • Pay for servers by the hour
    (on-demand model)
  • Pay for storage per GB every month
  • Pay for data transfer per GB

DCore Systems Appliance

Allow your customers to host DCore Systems appliances on-premises and use DCore Systems’ functionality or to build and deliver digital applications and services on top of private installation of DCore Systems.

The «Pay-as-you-go» pricing model is proven to be highly effective for small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups — it allows companies to increase or decrease the server pool according to their current needs, without upfront payments. The DCore Systems Appliance is also suitable for large enterprises, financial institutions and other organisations that have their own IT infrastructure.

DCore Systems’ offering spans from basic data storage services to more advanced and sophisticated cloud solutions that can be accessed as an end-to-end service or separately. Our pricing depends on a client’s actual usage.

DCore Systems


You choose amount

DCore Systems SaaS


You choose amount


Pay by the hour


per hour


Pay by the hour for given CPU



per hour, depending on CPU/memory


Pay per GB/month stored



per GB at 1TB/month

per GB at 5PB/month

Secure Email

Pay per GB stored



per GB at 1TB/month

per GB at 5PB/month


Pay per request


if used together with DCore Systems storage


per 1000 service requests

Network transfer

Pay per GB transferred



at 10TB transfer

at 500TB transfer


Pay per GB stored and transferred

Combination of storage and network costs

The above table indicates the pricing for standard usage. At high utilisation rates, we progressively decrease costs of our services and, at very high utilisation rate, the pricing may be negotiated even further. DCore Systems accepts alternative payment models eligible for discount including prepaid credit, minimal monthly usage contract, reserved instances and more.