DCore Systems Appliances

DCore Systems management middleware and default services can be deployed on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance. Physical appliances come in a starter configuration or in a custom client configuration. Regardless, DCore Systems is preinstalled, tested and delivered on Tier 1 hardware. The pricing of DCore Systems appliances includes a base cost (the annual recurring license) and additional costs such as obligatory hardware and installation costs for physical appliances or optional on-premises installation costs. Each DCore Systems appliance is eligible for optional technical support and maintenance services/contracts under standard or custom SLA.

Appliance Licensing

DCore Systems appliance license is the annual recurring payment that guarantees a client’s right to use the platform. The license is scaled according to a number of registered users:

Full DCore Systems platform

Per number of users

$ 12 355

DCore Systems Storage

Per number of users

$ 9 884

DCore Systems Secure mail

Per number of users

DCore Systems Collaboration

Per number of users

DCore Systems Multi-cloud management

an add-on license eligible for other licenses

$ 2 480

For Physical appliances, in addition to the annual payment, our clients pay a one-time cost for Tier 1 hardware and its installation. Physical appliances come as a starter appliance or customised appliance. Both options have the same functionality and licensing fees, the only difference is in the hardware provisioning of the appliance. The starter appliance represents the ideal installation of the platform-for-service starting with small deployments. Customised appliances come with hardware provisioned, according to a client’s requirements and usage. The exact cost for the customised physical appliance is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Contract

The Standard contract allows clients to access technical FAQ, our knowledge base and standard priority ticket support (no guaranteed SLA). Standard priority tickets are treated on a first come first served basis after all higher priority tickets are answered.

Supplementary Contract

The Supplementary contract comes with basic support, software updates and supplementary value-added support and maintenance services under standard or customised SLA. For production and mission-critical deployment, our clients may subscribe to additional priority support and maintenance contracts under standard or customised SLA.

Priority Support Contract

The Priority support contract extends the Standard contract for mission-critical deployments and guarantees response of the support team within a predefined time period.

Maintenance Contract

Contrary to our Priority support contract, this contract enables our clients to outsource part or all maintenance to DCore Systems’ expert team instead of performing the overall maintenance in-house. The Maintenance contract is tailored to a specific client’s needs and depends on a variety of parameters.