Our Vision

Flexible Solutions

DCORE Systems is a flexible solution providing a variety of services: SAAS- including API as a service, and services on various levels of the PAAS stack. This approach enables using and combining different functionalities as well as the building of new and complex SAAS or enterprise applications.

Scalable Development Tools

DCORE Systems provides a solid foundation for the development of various global, secure and highly scalable services and applications with unparalleled flexibility and power for developers. The services range from base infrastructure services: such as computer and storage services, provisioning services, and fully integrated functionality blocks that can be installed on any device on end point.

Rapid Development

According to recent data as sourced from PwC, the second biggest concern (after over regulation) that faces the financial sector-chief executive is cyber threats. While there are many solutions that mintage traditional risks- the hacking or denial of service attacks- such as Firewalls & WAF, Antivirus, Malware protection and others, the challenge becomes much greater when financial institutions need to upgrade their core banking to sustain operational and growth needs. This pushes them to move their resources and operations to a cloud based and distributed solution, making them more exposed and more vulnerable than ever before.

DCORE Systems provides a middleware technology for public and private cloud banking solutions. By utilizing cutting edge security and information processing algorithms we provide a fast, reliable and secure way to manage, store, transfer and process financial information from any device, at any location, and across any infrastructure. Our approach guarantees operational peace of mind by making your financial data is safe and always available to the relevant permitted entities and customers.

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Our leadership includes a long line of seasoned technology experts with the knowledge and expertise to create a flexible foundation for a development platform of this kind. The product together with the expertise and customer-base provide a profound fertile ground for new developments and technological creativity.

As the cloud industry evolves, there is a growing need for rapid development of enterprise software without compromising the security, robustness, flexibility and high availability of the systems performing. Rather than enforcing ready-made non-flexible solutions, DCORE Systems provides developers and enterprises with a robust set of tools and flexibility to choose the packages that match their development needs and adapt it as they grow.

DCORE Systems’s platform portfolio consists of a number of fundamental as well more advanced services that may be used either as a full-blown service, or as a building component for more complex higher-level services and enterprise apps. DCORE Systems provides Software as a Service or Platform level building block which significantly boost the time-to-market of enterprise application development without compromising security, performance and usability.